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Carole P. 

Scottsdale, AZ • 9/21

Finding Valory has been the answer to my prayers!  I thought I needed paint and carpet but wanted ideas to refresh our space.   Valory took the time to ask all the right questions - where do we spend most of our time, what relaxes us,  and. What do we love as is.  Wasting no time at all she brought me options. And ideas that were spot on to what I dreamed of without even putting it in words.  Then, once I said 'go', she pretty much assumed the role of contractor bringing in all the right people to get things done.

I truly love this woman's creativity, resources and ways to honor your budget.   Hers is a talent I admire coupled with the caring personality that lets you know she won't let you make a mistake.  We've told all our friends about her and I'm confident her work hard and design talent will speak for themselves.

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